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Saturday, 5 October 2013

shopping , and changing .

I don't know but I feel that I'm not myself anymore. I've changed so damn much. I use to be respectful to everyone around me but now I can't even respect my parents. I mean like, would you even respect someone who shouts at you as if you owed them 10million dollars? My answer is hell to the no. Urg but I remember that I used to like people that is like Usui. But now I like someone like Tora =.=
Like ohmegawd I use to crush on this guy named TS when I'm really really really young. And he was perfect like Usui. He is well-mannered, sociable, smart, creative and everything you wish in a guy. But ST? He disrespect people, have no shame, doesn't care about anything, hardly passed his prelims and blablabla, everything that is a girl's nightmare. But perfection is made out of the many imperfections, right? :D

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